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Isnin, 21 April 2008

UPM : Diploma Pendidikan Lepasan Ijazah (DPLI)

Hello and Assalamualaikum..

There is request asking me to elobrate more on my program that i am doing now..

okay this is my answer..

DPLI is one program under KPT and KPM that have been organize to fullfilling the needs of teacher in school..the program is similar to KPLI but the difference is DPLI is for Secondary school.And DPLI program is more open and were done in IPTA..such as Uitm,USM,UTM,UPM, and etc..

their allowance is similar to KPLI..1300++
KPM or KPT will pay all your fees except something somewhere you must pay yourself..

DPLI courses period time is 10 month compared to KPLI takes 12 month..

This program intake is advertise on may or june every year,hoping that goverment will continue it since im second batch..heheh

the intake may base on what degree you have( your expertise) and your interview..(of course)..subject that you will teach on scholl may base on your degree or maybe on what courses that you follow in DPLI program such as TESL,Sains pertanian, KH and srt

okay..i think thats all..if can ask again since im very keen to answer..hehe


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dilasuhaila berkata...

mcm mane ye nk apply DPLI?..sbb nk apply ni..huhu