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Ahad, 13 Januari 2008

Missing Girl In Malaysia: Sharlinie

This girl have been missing for the last 100 hours from her parents. The girl were kidnapped from the playing ground near her house when she was playing with her sister..For the people who saw this girl,please report to the nearest police station.Help from other nation and country are really appreciated.Thank You.May Allah save her from became a victim of crime.Ameen.

Khamis, 10 Januari 2008

Calorie Table for Goat Meat, Milk & Cheese

hehe..sorry no more facts and news about agriculture lately...this time i put nutrition fact about goat meat because i am missing so much my maikel and i am the people who loves to eat..hahaha

A three ounce serving of roast goat contains approximately 122 kilocalories, of which about 23.5 calories come from fat. (By comparison, very lean beef steak contains 170 calories per 3oz serving, of which 63 come from fat.) Goats meat is a low fat alternative to red meats, like beef or lamb, and is an excellent food choice for anyone following a calorie-controlled diet.

Goat Meat, raw (100g) NUTRITION
Calories 109 kilocalories
Kilojoules 456 kilojoules
Total Fat 2.3g
Cholestero l57mg
Protein 20g

Goat Meat, roasted (100g) NUTRITION
Calories 122 kilocalories
Kilojoules 508 kilojoules
Total Fat 2.6g
Cholestero l64mg
Protein 23g

Goats Milk (1 cup) NUTRITION
Calories 168 kilocalories
Kilojoules 703 kilojoules
Total Fat 10g
Cholestero l27mg
Protein 8.7g

Goats Cheese, semi-soft (1oz) NUTRITION
Calories 103 kilocalories
Kilojoules 432 kilojoules
Total Fat 8.5g
Cholestero l22mg
Protein 6.1g

Sources include: USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference, Release 19 (2006)
Food Shopping Counter (Natow and Heslin) 2006, The Fat Book (Bellerson) 2004.

Nutritional Information About Goat Meat
Chevron (goats meat) contains comparatively higher values of iron, potassium and thiamine than other meats. (Eastridge and Johnson, 1990). Specifically, a serving size of 100g of goat meat includes the following micronutrients: potassium (209mg), selenium (8.8mcg) and zinc (4mg).
Goat meat is also a high quality protein source, with minimal cholesterol intake risk. (USDA).
Although goats milk is low in folate, it supplies all calcium requirements and is a useful option for those who are allergic to cow's milk.
Nutritional Information About Fat Content Of Goat Meat
Goat meat is 50-65 percent lower in fat than similarly prepared beef, but has a similar protein content. (USDA).
It contains up to 45 per cent less saturated fat than chicken, even with the skin removed. (USDA).
Goat meat has 40 percent less saturated fat than chicken (without skin) and 850 percent less than beef. (USDA).
The cholesterol content of chevron (goat meat) is similar to that of beef, lamb, pork, and chicken and much lower than some dairy, poultry products and some seafoods. (Pond and Maner, 1984; Potchoiba et al., 1990; Stromer et al., 1966; Terrell et al., 1969; Park et al., 1991).
How To Save Calories
A useful guide to cutting calories is to avoid calorie-dense foods that are high in fat or sugar. These foods are too easily eaten. After a large main course we are not usually hungry, yet it's easy to eat a large serving of high-calorie ice cream, or a creamy dessert. By comparison, it's much more difficult to eat 4-5 large apples. Also, dietary fat has more than twice the calories (9 per gram) than carbs or protein (4 per gram), while excessive sugar can raise blood-glucose levels too rapidly and leave you hungry within a couple of hours. A better way to cut calories (and still feel full) is to choose high-fiber foods, such as vegetables, fruits, beans and whole grains. These foods tend to have a lower caloric content, and take longer to digest thus giving us a feeling of fullness for longer.

Selasa, 8 Januari 2008

UPM : Chapter 1 im UPM student..UPM my love,UPM my courses is under faculty on education studies.the size of faculty..fuyoo 4 or 5 time bigger then my former faculty FASM in UMT.Although im a bit shy shy cat and feel a bit small after registration during to large number of former UPM student registering under same courses (DPLI),then afeter few classes i feel a bit proud because bringing UMT name.hehe..FYI the number of UMT student in this courses is second largest although it only consist of 5 my course la,means major in agriculture science,i think got few more students in SRT..err..dunno how to eloborate in english..sorry ya..

Now I have entered 3 classes..all of them have their own speciality i would rather say.1st class i attend is education technology,the lecturer name err..i forgot already..but he is one really full of experience the class is full of story and in this class only i open my wide view for teacher profesion and carrier path..err FYI this is not the content of the subject,only for his introduction to make us loves our job more.hehe..i am loving it now :-p
second class is ladies,lenglui i would its okay although the class is rather bored little bit.hehe
third class is DR.Chxx,for curriculum management..wah..i think this is my favourite class this sem..the lecturer is fun,the attitiude of the lecturer is rather same with my father's friend (ayah YIP..)hahah..chinese but speak malay very fluently..maybe because he is baba (from melaka) i think..

After entering UPM i rather approved what my best friends said( the people i kutuk2 before this) heheh..she said i would found many more people,many more lenglui...and its many maa.. wireless prepaid gone out oredi..bye2

Sabtu, 5 Januari 2008

UPM:New Chapter begins


thx to all loyal visitor to my i little bit busy in UPM after register as a DPLI student..agriculture?leave for a while..let say bout 10 months..maikel my pet?leave at kelantan with my parent to take care about them..huhu..miss him a lot..although he only a pet..but i love them so much..hahah..people would say im crazy enough...but..i don't care..better to take care about something like animal rather then human that we sacrifice a lot but still bite us back...


I live at college 16..newest college in UPM after it was split for college would say rather it was new..but i would la...cannot say anything..just sign aku janji..harharhh..ermm...from college to faculty rather far far far away...going upside down the hill...but here they got free i would thankful and be grateful to Allah for helping me..if not...Bro Lokman will lost to me by loosing so much weight..hahaha..relax arr lok..miss you all i little bit lonely cause my coursemate only have 5 boy from 51 students!!! where on earth other boy go???and going to be more freaky...4 of them are former UPM ..they have former friends here and there..i were leave alone in room..huuhuhuhu...God help me..
I took DPLI in agriculture science..little bit in my expertise i would say...hehe..class is only for 3 month,1 week exam and 1 week holiday!! little holiday..that for this sem..for next sem..2 week full of classes and 3 month practical on i come students!!!!heheh..people here are so many..and there are so many leng lui and annee...heheh..can waash my eye everyday and every second...everywhere...


in cc..hear some lengchai fucking here and there playing game...hahahahahah