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Selasa, 8 Januari 2008

UPM : Chapter 1 im UPM student..UPM my love,UPM my courses is under faculty on education studies.the size of faculty..fuyoo 4 or 5 time bigger then my former faculty FASM in UMT.Although im a bit shy shy cat and feel a bit small after registration during to large number of former UPM student registering under same courses (DPLI),then afeter few classes i feel a bit proud because bringing UMT name.hehe..FYI the number of UMT student in this courses is second largest although it only consist of 5 my course la,means major in agriculture science,i think got few more students in SRT..err..dunno how to eloborate in english..sorry ya..

Now I have entered 3 classes..all of them have their own speciality i would rather say.1st class i attend is education technology,the lecturer name err..i forgot already..but he is one really full of experience the class is full of story and in this class only i open my wide view for teacher profesion and carrier path..err FYI this is not the content of the subject,only for his introduction to make us loves our job more.hehe..i am loving it now :-p
second class is ladies,lenglui i would its okay although the class is rather bored little bit.hehe
third class is DR.Chxx,for curriculum management..wah..i think this is my favourite class this sem..the lecturer is fun,the attitiude of the lecturer is rather same with my father's friend (ayah YIP..)hahah..chinese but speak malay very fluently..maybe because he is baba (from melaka) i think..

After entering UPM i rather approved what my best friends said( the people i kutuk2 before this) heheh..she said i would found many more people,many more lenglui...and its many maa.. wireless prepaid gone out oredi..bye2

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Unknown berkata...

hihi ,

im looking for information on DPLI on the internet , but the published news is so little . And i happen to browse to your blog and get to know that you are doing the DPLI now . Do u mind to advice me how you register for this course and where / when can i get the news . I even don't know abt DPLI only after my friend told me abt this . I am a graduate from UM , Computer Sc student . Currently working , but wish to go into teaching .

Mind to advice ? Thank you