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Sabtu, 5 Januari 2008

UPM:New Chapter begins


thx to all loyal visitor to my i little bit busy in UPM after register as a DPLI student..agriculture?leave for a while..let say bout 10 months..maikel my pet?leave at kelantan with my parent to take care about them..huhu..miss him a lot..although he only a pet..but i love them so much..hahah..people would say im crazy enough...but..i don't care..better to take care about something like animal rather then human that we sacrifice a lot but still bite us back...


I live at college 16..newest college in UPM after it was split for college would say rather it was new..but i would la...cannot say anything..just sign aku janji..harharhh..ermm...from college to faculty rather far far far away...going upside down the hill...but here they got free i would thankful and be grateful to Allah for helping me..if not...Bro Lokman will lost to me by loosing so much weight..hahaha..relax arr lok..miss you all i little bit lonely cause my coursemate only have 5 boy from 51 students!!! where on earth other boy go???and going to be more freaky...4 of them are former UPM ..they have former friends here and there..i were leave alone in room..huuhuhuhu...God help me..
I took DPLI in agriculture science..little bit in my expertise i would say...hehe..class is only for 3 month,1 week exam and 1 week holiday!! little holiday..that for this sem..for next sem..2 week full of classes and 3 month practical on i come students!!!!heheh..people here are so many..and there are so many leng lui and annee...heheh..can waash my eye everyday and every second...everywhere...


in cc..hear some lengchai fucking here and there playing game...hahahahahah

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