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Rabu, 14 Mei 2008

No Agriculture, No Future

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Assalamualaikum and Good Evening to all my loyal visitors and blogger passing by..

Today I have just a Lecture on Teaching Methods subject. What I'm Trying to express here is not how to teach, but I'm impressed about what my lecturer have said and discuss with us. We are producing food from agriculture base since we are independence. But when we are chasing the modernity of the world, we forgot our root, our strength in our land. We are chasing for Information technology, Computer and etc. So, UPM have change its name from university pertanian malaysia to university putra we modern enough now?are we safe in our own land?are we rich enough to buy anything?

But, can we buy all the thing in this world since our country is rich? what if other country don't want to sell it's food like rice and meat?what if other country also don't have enough and they also don't want to sell what is theirs?are we going to eat money since we are rich with it?can paper of money be digest by us?think..

When Prime Minister put agriculture as a focused to the country, many people didn't acknowlegde him, many people think it's as a step back for the country progress. But when FOOD CRISIS happen, many complaint why we cannot produce enough food to our own people? they are complaining why rice price hike so high? why we don't produce rice ourself since we got many paddy field?why we must import the rice? Maybe all this people think planting a paddy only take a day, producing a rice only taking one hour..Are we aware of this situation and process?

Many agriculture experts have been predicting Food Crisis will be happen nearly to this year but not so many aware or taking action of this opinion. Maybe they think by making our country rich enough, we can buy anything including food to our people..but they are not totally right..

When price of oil palm increase, many oil palm planter in FELDA feel the outcome, their payment increase up to 3000-4000 a motnh. BUT..when price of rice increase, did the farmer get the same situation as oil palm planter?why? Goverment must take action on this situation to help real poor farmer to increase their status of life..
I love Malaysia, May Allah bless us all..ameen..

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Sidar S berkata...

wah..hebat la mudin tulis..betul tu..setuju, kita sbg guru sains pertanian kena tanamkn benda ni kt dlm diri murid2 kita kan..chayok2 cikgu agriculture ni food!!