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Jumaat, 7 Disember 2007

From aquaculturerist to environmentalist or educationist??

ermm..actually my post here is about agriculture and present news..but now i want to wrote about myself..

now i got 2 very great offer one to further my study and one to be a teacher..but till now,till the time i writing this post i'm still not decide yet.Don't know why,but both got the best effect to my life,both i like and excited to do.

if i do master,my future will still challenging and new exploration everyday i will learn new things.but i still don't have job waiting for me after i finish this course,nothing guarentee,nothing for me to will be back to basic,i will either continue to phd or searching for jobs.i will back to the condition i having now.but at that time,after i finish my study,i'm only 24.still young man!!!still long time to go (aspect life ratio of malaysian is 60-70).55-24=31 years of working.and one more i glad bout this opportunity is i get to work at my hometown.its not wasting i rite? and i am doing master in my hometown,i can live at my house.nothing to be think bout food,saving money bla bla...etc etc..but the main problem here is the money. Money for my allowance every motnh.i am not guarentee to anything..i still not finishing the proposal to get my short term i going to get money?and if i will be providing me for the whole time i have been here?
or i have to get a scholarship like NSF or something?because some of my course mate now is going to get it because their grant is not funding their allowance for the whole three years they will be here.and for salary grade,i guess its on DG52 for PHD holder,basic i dunno but its a very lots of money i i can just work as lecturer doing no part time job,just work,produce new paper,new invention,new findings,explored every side of my brain to gain new knowlege.i will be an academician!!haahhaha..cannot believe myself if i doin and getting impossible i i rite dude?Izzit okay for me gambling my life to get a very bright future dude?

for being a teacher,i have to studied one year and when i came out i will become a will be a contract.huhu..maybe people will said a teacher payment is still cheap compared to the lecturer.but teacher have a long time holiday..when school break,teacher also have a holiday,my meaning is i will have more time with my family and my own family who knows.compared to the age,at 23 i get the teacher job and start working.55-23= 32 years being a teacher.where?dunno where..not at my home town i guess for the next 5 years.
but i get to learn new thing,explored new place,but not in academic way,just in life way,natural way,no proposal include,no thesis include,nothing,just go with the flow..
i will be working at degree payment grade,DG41 like that,for me its a lot of money already,enough to survive in this life and current economic situation.but not too rich to get my dream car like mitsubishi evolution or a BMW.but,there is always a but,teachers got many empty time slot,after school hour i can do businesses.i can breed a goat,i can fullfill my hobby,i can earn my own money in my own way.and there is a lot of job or business that can give me more money to be rich if i want.

p/s:tapi aku nak hidup tenang,bukan nak hidup senang..

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ina berkata...

uden, both are rather a good choice to choose;)just follow your strongest instinct..and if it failed to satisfy u, u should solat isthikharah..thats the best way and never let u down..ALLAH knows best:)i'm just suggesting;pand by the way, let me know if kpli result is out ok!!good luck:)

Luke H. berkata...

tenang dan senang. Actually u need the both. din, buat le tahajud gerenti dapat jawapan. ko tengok le hati ko berat ke arah maner? pk maser depan tul2. jangan risau le. ape pun keputusan ko nak buat master ke gi jadi che'gu ke kami ni (aku le) akan tetap la sokong ko. peluang hanya datang sekali beb....