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Selasa, 11 Disember 2007

sin: to be or not to be

nowdays here are a lot of entertainment in the media,internet,newpaper, television and so on.There are always no restriction to the people to access and see what they want.There are always entertainment that against the Islam,entertainment that are forbid by Islam,but there are still supported by the media.

but Muslim community in Malaysia are not aware of other kind of sin that may conquer their own life everyday every time via enterntainment program they watch everyday.This type of 'small sin' become bigger and bigger every time they are produce and there are influencing our community very much nowdays.

The entertainment i mean here is entertainment that are covered with good,kind and honourable proposes.such as for donation,Islamic program,Islamic image and etc.There say that this is Muslim program enough because in each program,there will be 'doa' reciting,although after the 'doa' or prayer,there will be dancing event that the dancer wearing not enough cloth or wearing a sexy dress,for them its okay because at the start of program they recite prayer to Allah s.w.t.What in the earth people recite prayer to Allah to bless the program that have element that were forbidded by Allah?Which mazhab or which rasul or which imam that we are following?

sometime people did not acknowlege this situation as producing sin towards Allah,their opinion is as long as their program is for good propose,they were bless by Allah and no event like dancing,singing and social disorder or many more were forbid to be watch.Everything was okay as long as they are doing it for good proposes or with some good proposes.


For every muslim in the country,be aware of this mind attack that may demolish our aqidah and community if they are not to be stop.we must work from now!!!

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