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Khamis, 3 Julai 2008

My Idol in UMT

hehe..just updating with light content today..this is the picture of my two idol in UMT..on the left is Assoc.Prof Dr Abol Munafi Ambok Bolong,on the right is Lokman Nor Hakim NorAzmi. They are two fella I Respect most in my whole life. One is lecturer, and one is my brother and a teacher to me. I owe much to them..They are my idol in UMT.

I owe Lokman in my thesis writing,and Dr. Abol is my best lecturer that I take as an idol to follow and as my guider. He atract me much to my course,Aquaculture( although I'm not dare enough to take my final project with him...heheh). I'm trying to persue my Master under him but I just follow my instinct to be a teacher.hehe..but what shock me most,he is still trying to find me whether I want to do my master under him..he..Im so shy when Lokman tell me that.Sorry Doc!!hehe.

okay thats all I want to share for now..hehe..I will be going to SMK Seri Semantan for LMPK this 14 Jly 2008..adios

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