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Isnin, 12 November 2007

Blog with Adsense : Create Money without a sweat

Salam and Hello to all blogger and my fellow E-farmer and goat breeders,

Are you understanding the title?nowdays I have seen many blog with 100+ traffic everyday without updating,have no adsense at all!!Are they didn't know there are refferal site,adsense and so on that can put advertising on their page or blog with constant payment every month without they doing anything than just maintaining the traffic to their site?for me it just a waste. for me to get a 100+ traffic constant every day in a month is a miracle.never a day in my life i got 100+ traffic to my blog!!hahah...poor me.maybe it just my content is not good enouh as their..sigh

ermm...for those who did not maximize their blog for creating money for them,maybe they didn't know at all.pick customize layout on the template,and at side bar they will have that,add adsense..but you must have an account,must pay?no!just for free,they will give you money indeed if some of you visitor click on their advertisement.only in US?no in Malaysia

even 2 cent,nobody will give you for free rite?but adsense does!hehe..try it..there are some link in my faveret site that may teach you more,i don't have enough experience,just an amateur..ask the pro.heh..

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