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Ahad, 11 November 2007

Castle of Goat : Money matters and Wise Investment

this are the pic of boer goat i got from the net

ermm..after thinking so much and observe how to take care of goat I hve decide to build a new house for my pet- a castle. not actually really a castle,only imitation to make sure my spirit doesn't go down. Few months back i nearly fight with my family because she didn't agreed with my opinion to open a goat farm. they asked me to buy one and make it as my experiment and my first step to open my own farm,but i didn't agree..sigh..this is all influence from the net.hehe..but its okay because its a good and wanted influence from the net, influencing people to produce money from agriculture, same as government urged to the farmer and people to change their mind set about agriculture, to think agriculture is a business. I agreed so much with this motto or statement. there are so much money that can be produce from agriculture, only few people knows it and take advantage from it to make big money, either as part timer of full timer.

Now in Kelantan state government try to make kelantan as 'Depu' corridor or in malay they call it 'koridor Gaharu'. I salute state government for making good investment in agriculture and for their finance survival in the future. This is also showing they are agreed and follow our prime minister thinking, Dato' Seri Abdullah Hj Ahmad Badawi that agriculture is a mine that never dried out of money.They also subsidise the young 'gaharu' plant to villager that wanted to plant it. If i not mistaken the price of adult 'gaharu' plant is nearly reached RM6000 per plant. So?it worth rite?

Ermm..back to the topic, below is my sketch of my goat castle,heh..small only but i think its big enough to fit my backyard. Too big mean more goat and more work and more smell will come to my house. so i decide this is the practical way for me to fullfill my ambition to open bigger farm in the future insyaAllah..I think this size is okay already but i need advise from some expert in goat farming about density,size or maybe in other aspect that i miss out. Knowlegde will not decrease if we share. am i rite?the unit is in meter

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