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Selasa, 9 Februari 2010

Agriculture blog become dull

Hello fellas and assalamualaikum,

Only now I got a moment to post in this blog.Busy with school work like class teacher,dicipline teacher,scout and warden.I become an insane this week.

After long time didn't visit friends b;log that base on agriculture,i was amazed cause most of them didn't update anymore.Started from june 2009 and some of them even longer.Why?their bussiness no longer exist?or they are too busy to update their blog?

Im so bored now.sad because of this kind of situation.Im one of the inspired people when reading their blog either they realize it or not.Im amazed with the spirit that they have shown.The way that they use.The picture that they take and upload.All of this make me burning with spirit to try on my own.But all this inspiration now are gone.Take a try and click the agriculture link in my blog..nothing new on their blog.All of the rumours i heard before is coming true.Agriculture madness is only 'hangat-hangat tahi ayam' But im hoping its NOT.only the blog dead,not the spirit of the modern farmers and the entrepreneur..AMIN

2 ulasan:

Tie HT berkata...

sangat kesian kan..nanti lah saya nak bukak blog lembu..

harap tak hangat taik ayam mahupun lembu..


cavcite berkata...

haha..saya pun baru apdet taun ne..huhu