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Rabu, 19 September 2007

Koi Fish : A legendary Fish From Japan

Erm...Today I will write about Koi Fish.Koi fish maybe only a common ornamental fish to Malaysian but i bring significant effects to Japanese culture.Why?It was believe to bring and symbolize luck and wealthiness.Its also because it was beautiful as well.Thounsand year a ago empire of Japan have been breeding and culturing Koi fish in pond in their empire castle.After that, people in japan start to breed and culturing this fish at the back of their houses.Their just culturing this fishes like other animal,given they the waste food as feed and eat them like normal livestock.

Nowdays Koi fish become more expensive because of their colour and unique shape on their bodies. Prices are determine due to their strain,purestrain or mix. Some of this fishes have birth certificate to determine they are from winning strain in Koi fishes competition.Oh one more thing,this fish scientific name is Cyprinus carpio

Koi Fish culture in Malaysia

Koi Fish culture in Malaysia have been started many years ago,significantly,Malaysian breeders in Pulau Pinang now can produce quality of Koi fish same as in Japan. But the main problem is the japanese sentiment toward Malaysia Koi Fishes. They still thought that Malaysia Koi Fish quality is still not same as in Japan.Therefore,the prices is still low when it was exported to japan.

But nowdays breeders and ornamental fish exporter find new way to export the fish.They export to Hong Kong because they buy Malaysia Koi fish ( A Grade) at hishesr price and sometime as same as Price of Koi in Japan. It was significant acknowledgement by ornamental fish fan toward Malaysia Ornamental Industries.

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