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Selasa, 18 September 2007

Swiftlet Farming Workshop

A Workshop like this is easily worth thousands of ringgit.

Swiftlet Farming Workshop . Only 18 Seats Remain - ACT NOW!

Our second Secrets of Swiftlet Farming Revealed program is
coming next week. And seats are going fast!

Do you know that there are many Malaysians who become
millionaires through the ownership of one property only?
Not only that, the speed in which they joined the
millionaires club truly defied logic.

An acquaintance of mine paid RM150,000 for a shop and sold
the property for RM1.1 million recently.

Less than two years ago, our speaker bought a standard
3-storey shop lot for RM260,000 and now he has been offered
RM750,000 for the property.

How is this possible? The answer is swiftlet farming. All
these are made a reality through swiftlet farming. What's
more, swiftlet farming is totally a passive investment. You
will not have to give up your current occupation (unless
you are taking early retirement because of the fantastic
returns from swiftlet farming). Our speaker never spends
more than 2 percent of his time in managing his farms, and
the money keeps growing and growing!

So if you are ready to make lots of money from swiftlet
farming, then you MUST attend our second Swiftlet Farming
Mini Workshop. This is a short and sweet program, yet comes
complete with essential tips and guidance from one of the
most successful farmers in the world.

When: Saturday 29 Sept 2007
Where: Holiday Villa, Subang Jaya
Time: 9 am - 1 pm
Speaker: Dr. Christopher Lim
Fee: RM490
Group Discount (2 or more pax signing up at the same time):
RM400 only. (Please call us at 03-7880 1051 for group
discount sign ups.)

For your information, the fee for an equivalent 1-day
seminar on swiftlet farming is over RM1,500! So this is
your opportunity to learn the secrets of successful
swiftlet farming at a fraction of the cost.

The seats for this program are going fast (remember that
this is only the second time this programme is being held).
So BOOK YOUR SEATS NOW so you will not miss out and join
an already impressive list of investors and business people
at this powerful and unique program. To do so, simply
register online at
or call us at 03-7880 1051 and we will do the rest.

We look forward to sharing this remarkable event with you!

Yours sincerely

Azizi Ali
Millionaires Coach
tel: 03-7880 1051
fax: 03-7880 8051

True Wealth Sdn Bhd
A-2-11, Dataran Glomac, Jalan SS6/5A
Petaling Jaya
Selangor 47301


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